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Oeuvres / Le Génératif / Signes, aquarelles


Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal

january 21 -February 25, 1975

If Palumbo's watercolors can be appreciated for their plastic qualities, with their soft tones, their pale, pale colors, their discreet passing from one gzornetric: order to another, they are equally interesting for the rules and concepts which support their elaboration.

Silkscreens, drawings in ink or lead or colored pencil and computer print-outs accompany the watercolors. A half-dozen silkscreens comprise an album entitled Signes Ouverts. All these works are articulated through the fimction of ordered repetition. of the same clements. They are subjected to a predetermined arrangement based on mathernatical and proportional relationships. To aid hi s search, Palumbo bas made use of the computer. The computer represents the ideal complement te, a search which aims at illustrating the problems; of variability and multiplicity, capable of proving the infinite possibilities in the combination of clements and rules selected by the artist. His work is a schernatization of the creative process; the work of a man who puts more emphasis on the method than on the product.

But through this maximum systernatization. Palumbo has arrived at a sensitivity to surface which is well expressed throughout his waterm colors, where the order sought for produces work based on color, rhythm and the geometry of forms. The mental elaboration, the structuring, the codification are as fascinating as the visual result. Color, although it serves an essentially aesthetic: purpose in these recent works, is still a vehicle for illustrating a principle. In Palumbo's work, technique and concept are fused and produce work pleasing to contemplate and interesting to decipher.

Ars Canada, 1975

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