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Oeuvres / Le Génératif / Transformations

Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant
Jacques Palumbo exhibition


From April I8th to May 7th 1983, the Gilles Gheerbrant Gallery will be showing the recont works of the Montreal artist Jacques Palumbo.

The exhibition, entitled "Transformations", consists of a cycle of 32 watercolors completed this year. Furthormore, the smaller room of the gallery displays works of the 70’s and certain studies from last year.

Palumbo is recognized et the international level as one of the pioneers of programmed art (work done with a computer in the early 70’s) and as one of the very few systematic artists to use color for its own sake, not merely as an indicator. The new watercolors still call for a geometrie grid and a system, but it is no longer, as in the case of the "aquagrammes", a system where the areas or the colored-water volumes are ruled by purely arithmetical logic, but rather a complex whole of transformational rules which one could describe as musical, and which are based on the Yi King and the symbolism of color.

Each watercolor refers to the preceding and celle the following through a series of continuous transformations: we find a concatenation, a cycle or a loop starting with 64 figures integrated two by two in order to generate the 32 watercolors, rather than variations on a theme.

The interplay of colors and their arrangement on specific areas of the sheet of paper, obey the rules of a etrategy of polarities. Palumbo dose not proceed, as he did in his previous works, with an instrumental measuring of colore to assure balance or harmony. In the series "Transformations" he has chosen 7 scales of colore and for each surface he progressively modifies the local shade in an empirical way, by successive loyers, until the whole foels right.

The transformation is double: transformation regulated by a global program on the one hand and transformation resulting from an intuit,ive layering of color on the other. For Palumbo, the paradoxical dialogue thus created between programming and intuition is ultimately a means of questionning.

Montreal, 1983

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