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"All my works are based on a matrix of numbers. Each column of the matrix corresponds to a numeration in a certain base. Therefore, if 1 take a row, each number will be équivalent to ail the others in the same row, each being the same number written in a différent base.

1 1 1 1
2 2 2 10
3 3 10 11
4 10 11 101
10 11 12 110

4 (base 5) = 10 (base 4) = 11 (base 3) = 101 (base 2)

To each numerical sign, a graphic symbol is assigned.

The works that constitute my contribution to this exhibition have been made with PAL 2, a program written in Fortran by Serge Poulard of the University of Montreal according to constraints and rules which 1 deducted from my previous work which was done in the same vein, but manually.

When 1 was working by hand, it took a long time to get from the initial idea to the completed drawing. It was many hours before 1 saw the result of the work. Using the computer allows me to make new works visible in 'real-time,- (time as we live and expérience it). 1 only have to order the cards of the program in a certain fashion, add a few or withdraw a few and 1 am able, by running the deck of PAL 2, to obtain almost instantly a visible output on an efectrostatic point printer connected to the computer"

Jacques Palumbo was born in 1939 in Algeria and has lived in Québec since 1965. He has exhibited widely in Canada, USA and Europe since 1973. In Britain his work has been included in: Interact, Edinburgh International Festival, 1973; ComputerArt Exhibition, Polytechnic of Central London, 1974; and Fifth British International Print Biennale, Bradford, 1976. In 1973 he exhibited in France at the Espace Cardin in Paris and the Galerie des Beaux-arts in Bordeaux. He has had the following solo exhibitions: Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal, 1974; Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal 1975 and 77, Galerie Le Disque Rouge, Brussels, 1975; Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby 1976; and Bologne Art Fair, 1977.

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