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Tiré du catalogue de l’exposition personnelle à la Burnaby Art gallery en Colombie Britanique en 1976

nine moments, nine paintings
within a basic frame,
development of a progressive process,
laying out of a structure.
in each painting,
at each step :
two horizontal bands
where the paper has absorbed
the same volume
the same volume
of water-color,
the surface of the first band
increases arithmetically
from 1 to 9
as it moves regulary
within the frame
and the second band,
situated alternatively
abave and below the first one,
has a constant surface that receives
from 1 to, 9 layers
of the same coloured water.
nîne paintings
each of which is given
a weight coefficient
then assemble, combine
these nine units
and look for equivalences
on another level ;
equivalences in ternis of weightpivots.
five possible pivots
each of which allows.
several groupings
that preserve the equilibriurn
of what is above the pivotand what is beneath.
create principles:
volume equivalence/weight equivalence,
create a structured growth,
create a grammar,create the rules of the game,
then play,
then generate
aquagrams, drawings,
create a language
tc, give birth to speech,
create a code
to elaborate messages.
then live.

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