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Palumbo’s art combines geometry, color


THE MONTREAL STAR, Wednesday, February 5, 1975

Jacques Palumbo’s works at Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant (2130 Crescent) are based on systems. Some of the artist's ivorking papers are in the gallery showing how these systems generate elements-for example, an array of angles and their associated number labellings. Geometry and color are the bases of Palumbos visual "languages."

We see the working out of Palumbo's visual statements from conceptual schemes to printouts to ink and pencil drawings to a suite of silk screen prints to a series of watercolors.

The viewer, confronted with the rows of Unes and angles in tûe Open System series is terapted to, try to, discover the underlying rules, to decipher what resembles some kind of herinetie, self-referential language.

But one is also struck by the sensuality of these seemingly mechanical works. This is especially true of the beautyfull series of watercolors in which columns and blocks of color vary in proportion, frequency and hue.

The Open System series and Red 1 series initially appear harder, more brittle. However, as one looks at them, a very personal sensibilitybegins to emerge. The artist’s refined choices, his rapport with the printouts generated by cleverly chosen rules iâ expressed in subtle tensions, rhythms, of movement. and a dialectie between. openness and density - till February 15.

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